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How to guide


How should I wrap my pallet?

All goods should be secured to a pallet using pallet wrapping or appropriate strapping before the driver arrives.

Pallet wrapping (which is like strong cling-film) provides no protection for your goods and they must already be well packaged and protected before they go on the pallet.

Goods must remain within the confines of the pallet to protect the goods from impact damage.

For more information on how to prepare you goods for transit, see our video below.

What are the rules for delivering a pallet?

Delivering goods on a pallet is very different to other goods you might receive, such as parcels or packages.

For more information on the rules for delivering a pallet, see our video below.

What are the size, weight and height restrictions of a pallet?

There are three different standard definitions for pallets:

All of them have the same base size, which is 1m wide by 1.2m deep and Goods must not be bigger than this base.

Pallets must not exceed 1,200kg in weight. if you are in any doubt please contact our office.

The maximum height is 2.2m, please contact Customer Services on 0845 673 2030 who will be happy to help you

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